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Ross Perot's insightful philosopy! Not!

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Subject: presidential candidate(perot) slips up environmentally
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Subj:	Perot's ecology

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Subject: Perot's ecology
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If anyone out there had any illusions about his eco-philosohy...


In a speech yesterday, Sept. 18, in San Francisco, Ross Perot
shared his thoughts on protecting the environment and saving
America's endangered species.  Here is a direct transcription
>from Perot's enlightened speech:

"But I will tell you this, I have looked at a few, I was up in
Washington state and the people were so worried about this huge
area they wouldn't let them do any timber cutting because of
these owls, and I finally asked a relevant question. I said 'how
many owls are there?'  Said '20,' and I said 'OK, I suggest we
send Air Force One out here, transport 'em in absolutely
first-class comfort to the nearest national park. Now the owls
can live happily ever after in  hundreds of thousands of acres in
some nearby park, as we can go back to work here.'

Please spread it around, it might grow something

Christopher M Robinson
The Humboldt Sustainable Community Project
The HumboldtNation <http://www.humnat.org>
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