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Re: [AT-L] Sealers of all sorts

On Fri, 4 Oct 1996, Robert J. Davis wrote:
> I have One-Sport Moraines. The directions say to not treat them with 
> anything. I have used Sno-Seal on them once, in a rebellious fit of rage. 
> Should I continue? I don't think that Sno-seal has anything that will 
> damage the leather, as some chemical-based sealers do...
> Felix

I just got a pair of cheap-o One Sports (for around town so I don't scuff 
up my beautiful Fabianos which I *love* - /end shameless plug)
I'm told the leather is treated with something that make it waterproof 
and outside sealers, treatments might compromise it.

I don't know if that explanation really holds water though (sorry 
couldn't resist!)

My advice - if you are worried, see if they leak w/out the sealer and if 
they do, then add it (a word of caution - it is often difficult to tell 
when hiking if the water in your shoes is due to actual leather leakage 
or other factors  (seams/welts, water coming in over the top, etc)
Another way to test is to fill your bathtub up 6 inches or to just below 
the boot collar, then walk around for a while - a half hour or so (walk 
around *in the tub* that is).  Take a chair in, sit down, read a book, 
just give the water a good chance to work its way in and see what happens.


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