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Re: [AT-L] The list is back...

Ryan K. Brooks wrote:
> Hello,
>         On the evening of Sept. 27th, the AT-L list went offline due to a
> lack of resources on my Sun.  Unfortunately, it decided (for some reason
> that still escapes me) to mark everyone on "vacation".  I really doubt
> we're all on vacation, so I have finally returned the list to normal
> tonight.
>         In other news, hypertext list archives will be available shortly
> (I have them working, just need to get another disk to store them on).
> And as usual, if anyone is having problems UNSUBSCRIBING, please drop me
> an email.
>   Ryan Brooks ryan@inc.net

HI, I was getting the digest, now I get every single piece of email,
which was 80 something today, and that is a bit annoying with the other
50 or so BS emails I got today.
Is there a setting I can set? I seem to recall something about this, but
cant find it right now.