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Re: Sealers of all sorts

:) Well, as I've said I've used it for 4 years, and in that time I've
never been attacked by any bears :) (Although, I must admit I've never
hiked near any bears...) I wanted to add that this stuff seems to last
a while, longer than 10 days like one person said sno-seal lasts. I
usually apply it once or twice a years, and it works great.

					-Martha Montague
					 ME -> GA '98

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If I recall, isn't the Biwell a fish oil product, or maybe its one of
the others.  Some have a beeswax base.  So the bears will eat you
because they think you smell like a beehive full of honey, or a salmon. 
Worse yet, what does a bear think when he smells that 200 lb goose in
your tent at night (for those of us with down bags)???   :-))))


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