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Re: [AT-L] thanks Ryan, and a question for all

>Thanks Ryan for getting the list back up and for creating it in
>the first place!  Your efforts are much appreciated!

Heartily seconded!! :)  I didn't even get a chance to miss it when it was
gone -- I've been disconnected from the 'net for a few days, but it sure is
great to have a hundred or so letters waiting for me (makes me feel
important, goshdarnit!) ! ;-)

>Now a question.... I have a Gaz stove which uses those little 
>cartridges.  I now have 2 of these empty cartridges and just can't
>quite bring myself to toss them in the trash.  What does one do
>with these things???  Since they still seem to have something in them,
>but not enough to light, can they be recycled like a tin can?? or
>should they be tossed out??  Should I use them as unique decorative
>items around the house????  Any Ideas would be appreciated.

I read a post somewhere from a guy who also uses the cartridges and he says
all he does is uses his stove till the cartridge is empty (won't produce
anymore flames for the stove) and then leaves it "on" for quite some time
afterwards to make sure it's empty/aired out.  When he brings it home he
takes a small diameter bit and drills a hole in the cannister, I believe in
the same spot where it connects to the stove, and hangs it upside down for a
few days.  I really am doubtful about the safety of all this, but he says it
works for him and (unless he isn't telling us something) he still has both
arms, hands and both sets of fingers. ;)  Anyhow, after all that, he uses a
sledgehammer to crush it like a pop tin and throws it in the recycling bin.
Sounds like a great idea unless it isn't safe (from what I remember, moving
metal-on-metal parts in the immediate vicinity of vaporized fuel is a bad
thing...).  Just remember, advice is only worth what you pay for it, and
this was free! ;-)  Good luck...

Take care (and don't, for God's sake, blow your arms off..),
Cindi :)