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Re: [AT-L] RE: thanks Ryan, and a question for all

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Frank Reid wrote:

> >
> > If a hole is required, wouldn't it be more fun and less expensive to use
> > them for target practice?
> >
> > --  Frank     reid@indiana.edu
> >
> >
> > I would think that the metal in the cannisters (steel) is too thick for
> > small bore rounds and would create a richochet problem.  MIne como out of
> > the stove with a small hole.  I smash them and my town recycled steel.
> >
> > Rich Lubitz
> .22LR punctures them nicely.  I once found a rusty old one in the woods,
> set it on a stump and shot it.  It turned out to be full!  It took off
> like a rocket and when it came down it was covered with frost.  No
> explosion, unlike Clint Eastwood's Hollywood nuclear dynamite.

OK guys, this thread is starting to make me nervous. The first aid course 
I just finished didn't cover shrapnel wounds!!! Maybe you should add a 
disclaimer, "Please Don't Try This at HOME!".