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Re: [AT-L] Sealers of all sorts

Hi! I have Raichle spirits, which have full-grain nubuck leather
uppers. The sealer that was recommended to me when I bought them at
REI was something called Biwell Red. It's worked really well for the
past 4 years. I just looked at my most recent REI catalog, and at the
bottom of their chart all about the boots they sell it says which
types of treatments are best for which boots. Sno-seal isn't on their
list of treatments they recommend, and I have also heard myself from
various peple that it's not the best thing out there. One other thing
I recommend is saddle soap. You can buy it at most shoe stores and it
helps in both keeping the leather clean and supple. I hope that helps!

					-Martha Montague
					 ME -> GA '98

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