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Re: [AT-L] Sealers of all sorts

> On a similar note, I was wondering which type of boot treatment people on
> the list have used and had good/bad experiences with.  I put Sno-Seal on
> my boots last winter and was told last night by a fellow at EMS that I
> should not have.  I am not looking for waterproofness necessarily (we all
> know that is somewhat of a misnomer) but a good treatment for the leather
> that will help it last and keep it in shape.  Once again, any input would
> be recommended.


For leather boots, I have always used and gotten good results from
Sno-Seal.  It disappeared in (I think the early 80's?) from the market
for a while, and I tried others, but could not find anything that I
liked as well.  I sure was glad when backpacking shops and mail order
carried it again.

I try to re-apply before each trip, while riding in the car on the way
to mountains, usually.  After rubbing it on, I use a rag to wipe/buff
off the excess.  This gives good protection for my full-leather boots on
trips up to about 10 days.