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Sealers of all sorts

Hello everyone,
Well, now that the "whish filter is best" thread seems to be dead, I 
thought I would inquire about another possibly contentious issue.  My 
wife and I just recently bought a Meteor Light and were wondering which 
seam sealant would be recommended by the group.  I have heard good things 
about both Seam Sealer 3 and Seam Grip.  One lasts for a year tops 
(depending on how much camping you do) and the other lasts forever (or at 
least longer than the other type).  Any input would be recommended.

On a similar note, I was wondering which type of boot treatment people on 
the list have used and had good/bad experiences with.  I put Sno-Seal on 
my boots last winter and was told last night by a fellow at EMS that I 
should not have.  I am not looking for waterproofness necessarily (we all 
know that is somewhat of a misnomer) but a good treatment for the leather 
that will help it last and keep it in shape.  Once again, any input would 
be recommended.