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Re: [AT-L] Woohoo!!

Hey Charlie!

>Which one...snackmaster or gardenmaster?

I got the snackmaster -- didn't even know there was another kind!  Hard to
find *any* dehydrators around here....  The gardenmaster sounds good with
its lower drying times, but so far the snackmaster seems to be doing just
fine for me. :)

>watch out for dropped items down the center hole (my Scouts killed one >of
mine when a dried pinto bean fell down thru the center, jammed the >blower
in the middle of the night, and caused a base-unit meltdown!).

oops! <G>

>I love mine...good luck with yours!

I'm really glad I found one.  Went out to Merlin's Orchard not too far from
my place and bought somewhere around 25-30lbs of apples for drying and it
ended up costing me about $8!!  Not too shabby.... :)  I also want to try
drying some tomatoes tonight to see how they turn out; I'll have to buy more
soon if I want them in season.  Well, I'm off to start peeling, slicing and
coring...... ;)

Happy drying,