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Re: [AT-L] thanks Ryan, and a question for all

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996, Sharon Sharpe wrote:

> Now a question.... I have a Gaz stove which uses those little 
> cartridges.  I now have 2 of these empty cartridges and just can't
> quite bring myself to toss them in the trash.  What does one do
> with these things???  Since they still seem to have something in them,
> but not enough to light, can they be recycled like a tin can?? or
> should they be tossed out??  Should I use them as unique decorative
> items around the house????  Any Ideas would be appreciated.

There's a small blurb in Backpacker this month about this. Someone has 
built a recycling machine that punctures all types of small propane 
bottles rendering them safe to be recycled with other metals.

So save them and encourage your local recycler, or outfitter to get one 
of these. It also said that interest groups might seek sponsorships from 
corporations etc. to buy one of these. I think cost was about $500.


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