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Re: recycling gaz canisters

Hi Sharon,
> Thanks Ryan for getting the list back up and for creating it in
> the first place!  Your efforts are much appreciated!
> Now a question.... I have a Gaz stove which uses those little 
> cartridges.  I now have 2 of these empty cartridges and just can't
> quite bring myself to toss them in the trash.  What does one do
> with these things???  Since they still seem to have something in them,
> but not enough to light, can they be recycled like a tin can?? or
> should they be tossed out??  Should I use them as unique decorative
> items around the house????  Any Ideas would be appreciated.
> Everyone have fun at the gathering.  Wish I could be there (sigh)
> Sharon
> ssharpe@wellesley.edu
	REI recycles the canisters if you bring it to them.  I had
the same question in mind earlier this year and called up their
1-800-684-7842 customer service number.  The lady rep told me
they are recyclable at REI.  I don't know if you have one close
or not.  I am saving my canisters so that when I have a boxfull I can
drive all of 6 hours to Houston and recycle them at REI.

	Good luck and happy hiking.