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Re: [AT-L] [AT-L] Re: Conditions in SW VA

At 11:01 AM 10/2/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Regarding your question on the condition of trails in SW Virginia, I'd say 
>they're generally pretty good. Our club, PATH, which maintains 49 miles 
>just north of the Grayson Highlands area, had a worktrip a week ago during 
>which we surveyed the whole section.

Let me tack this on:

PATC is STILL cleaning up after FRAN.  And we STILL need help.  If you're
interested in helping out and live within daily visiting distance of
Shenandoah National Park, let me know, and I'll pass your name on.  If you
want the current status of how things are going up here, please feel free to
visit our Trails Forum.  You can find a link to it on our main PATC page at:


There is information on a clean-up trip this weekend now posted.

BTW, hat's off to the Tennesee Eastman Hiking and Canoe Club, whose web site
was just named one of the Top 50 in Tennesee!  Way to go TEHCC!!  You can
find a link to their site on our "Links" page at:


best wishes all,

PATC Webmaster