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Re: AT/Iron Mtn Trail Loop in Grayson Highlands

You wrote

>Shhhhh! Don't tell everybody about it!!  Wilburn ridge, with the >big rocks
and grass kinda looks like where they'd film one of >the old B westerns.
 Even has "wild" ponies roaming around.  >There are a lot of good loop hikes
in the area, the best uses >the old AT (to the West), now the Iron Mtn Trail,
to make a >
>60+ mile loop trail. 

That section of the AT was also one of my favorites of the entire trail.  I
went back there this June for a five day loop hike.  Sections of the Iron Mtn
Trail were disrupted due to blasting and road construction (at least from
what I could tell from the messages posted at the Mt. Rogers NRA
Headquarters)  I actually didn't hike in that section of the Iron Mtn Trail,
but I bet you could call the Mt. Rogers NRA HQ and they would have up to date
information.  Also if you use the Iron Mtn Trail be on the lookout for
horses.  We ran into a group that runs a touring business at one of the
shelters.  They were friendly and best of all they had a huge chuck wagon
full of food which they genorously shared with my hiking partner and myself.
 Feed me and I can step around a few piles of manure with a smile on my face.

Have a great trip!