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Re: Grayson

My husband hiked about 90 miles in that area a week or two ago.... I asked
him and being a man of very few words he said "Nothing out of the
ordinary"....  <G>  This can be interpreted that there is no storm damage as
reported north of there....

Not much help I know....but at least you know that you won't be climbing
over hundreds of trees!


At 01:09 AM 10/2/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> Hello,
>>         On the evening of Sept. 27th, the AT-L list went offline due to 
>>   Ryan Brooks ryan@inc.net
>Woo Hoo!!  The at-l is back, no more withdrawal.  Thanks Ryan, guess you
>had a tough weekend.
>I posted a question that may not show up due to the server burp, so I'll
>ask now.  Anyone have info on trail conditions in SW Va?  I know
>Shenandoah took the brunt of Fran, but don't want any surprises either. 
>We will be headed N from Grayson Highlands next week.