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re: [AT-L] The list is back...


Great to see the list back up.  The only problem is that I receive the mail 
on a work account and get swamped by the volume.  I think you'll find that 
myself and a lot of people have all been removed from the digest form of 
the list.

Could you change my list mail to digest form?

Thanks, and thanks for running such a great list.

Brent Chan
Original Text
From: "Ryan K. Brooks" <ryan@beta.inc.net>, on 10/2/96 12:38 AM:
To: <bchan@vines.gems.gov.bc.ca>

        On the evening of Sept. 27th, the AT-L list went offline due to a
lack of resources on my Sun.  Unfortunately, it decided (for some reason
that still escapes me) to mark everyone on "vacation".  I really doubt
we're all on vacation, so I have finally returned the list to normal
        In other news, hypertext list archives will be available shortly
(I have them working, just need to get another disk to store them on). 
And as usual, if anyone is having problems UNSUBSCRIBING, please drop me
an email.

  Ryan Brooks ryan@inc.net