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Grayson -- Gail/Gutsy

AT1996@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 96-10-02 00:20:12 EDT, you write:
> >We will be headed N from Grayson Highlands next week.
> >
> >DP...
> There is no purpose to my writing except to say that I still enjoyed the
> Grayson Highlands area best on the trail (except for Katahdin).  I want to go
> back there with my family sometime.  Gail/Gutsy

Shhhhh! Don't tell everybody about it!!  Wilburn ridge, with the big
rocks and grass kinda looks like where they'd film one of the old B
westerns.  Even has "wild" ponies roaming around.  There are a lot of
good loop hikes in the area, the best uses the old AT (to the West), now
the Iron Mtn Trail, to make a 60+ mile loop trail.  For those of you
that haven't been there in a year or two, there is a new shelter on the
AT at the north boundary of the park on Wilson Creek.  

A good family trip is to start at Massie Gap, hike the AT S to
Rhododenderon Gap, then Pine Mtn Trail N to connect up with the AT again
on Pine Mtn, and follow back S to Massie Gap.  This is about ten miles,
good for a weekend with the kids.

Durn.  There I went and told everybody.  :-(    With the popularity of
the AT-L, may as well have been in _Backpacker_  ;-)