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Re: [AT-L] va shuttle/parking

>Empress, a couple of quick ones: Exactly what road is the parking
>lot/overpass on? hwy 52? Is the lot safe for leaving a car for a length
>of time? By 'first road' are you going N or S?  Thanks
hiking north on the Trail you will come to hwy 52, there is a church acrosss
the road. following 52 on foot, you will do about 1 or 2 miles of road-
walking. hwy 52 overpasses the interstate and going straight will begin to
go down a gravel road. on the right after a while there will be a parking area.
i don't know about safety. in that area is a lot of hunting and when i was 
there it was sunday night and shotguns were blasting away. i think bored
teenagers also use the area for pickup truck beer parties.