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Last 50 miles of AT & intro

I have been a bystander in this group for a while, so I figured it was time to
introduce myself.
I am Cliff Chambers from Montgomery, AL.  My sister, Rachel Chambers, a.k.a.
"Bird-Dog" is
finishing the A.T. on the 12th.  I will be joining her for the last 50 miles or

My intention was to meet her at Jo Mary Road in the middle of the 100-mi
wilderness.  As
it turns out, a bridge is being removed early this week so I will have to detour
to the 
B-Pond Road.

Is anyone familiar with these roads and can offer advice?  I will be calling the
main gate
of Jo Mary Road today to let them know my plans.  Also, my wife will be moving
our vehicle,
a Ford Explorer, from B-Pond Road to Baxter.

I'm really looking forward to this trip.  Unfortunately I have very little
experience with cold
weather camping.  Should be interesting...