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Re: scouts

Sally, you are RIGHT ON target!

My daughter had ONE exposure to girl scouts, many years ago -- an
overnight trip to a Girl Scout camp, an introductory, which was intended
to attract new members. 

Never could understand why she didn't take to it, because she LOVES the
outdoors and the camping trips we take as a family.  She didn't want
anything more to do with Girl Scouts, though, after that one experience. 
She couldn't explain anything, except she didn't like it.  Said they just
sat around in a circle on the cabin floor and played games.  Now she is
away at college -- and has joined an outdoor club there.

Any women who can help bring the FUN of the outdoors to girl scouts
should be encouraged to do so.  If the leaders don't appreciate the
OUTDOORS, it's hard to transfer that appreciation to the Scouts.  The
Scouting movement has tremendous potential, but the KEY is the individual

Barrie Brozenske
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On Sat, 28 Sep 1996 18:03:45 -0500 (CDT) SaraSW@aol.com writes:
>Alice wrote about scouting--
><<Same experience I had.  It used to tee me off that the Boy Scouts 
>did such
>"neat" things and the Girl Scouts and to sew or some other domestic 
>Happened to me too, Alice. My brother did the neat stuff and I hemmed 
>(or was
>supposed to hem <g> ) dish towels!!! Fortunately, my brother got the 
>family into the woods. 
>Now I'm thinking that maybe I ought to work with Girl Scouts to help 
>them get
>the chance to camp/hike that I didn't get.