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Re: [AT-L] Re: Slide cataloging

> DP,
> If you don't mind me asking, do you use a computer program to organize your
> slide collection, and if so, which one?  I am looking into purchasing a
> label/database program, but am struggling a bit with the decision.
> Thanks,
> *****************************************
> Mark and Janet Holmes


No, right now, I don't use a computer program for indexing or labeling
my slides.

Under my current system, I write the date on each slide mount, plus a
brief id of the subject.  I keep all slides in archival slide pages,
separated into subjects (i.e. wildlife, water, scenics, sunsets,
wildflowers, etc).  Some events, such as a trip to Philmont Scout Ranch,
are kept together, in order shot.

If searching for a specific slide, I can pull the archival pages for
that subject (i.e. fall color) and lay an entire sheet on my backlighted
slide table.

I want to create a database, indexed back to these slide pages.  I would
then be able to search for keywords of "apptr sunset winter", for
example, and be able to view a description and file location for all
records that match these terms.  (under my current system, a slide
matching this description may be under appalachian trail, sunsets,
winter, or some other category.)  It would be easy to include mount
label printing as part of a database application.

I am also toying with purchasing a slide scanner (Microtek or Nikon) to
create a database with on-screen thumbnail views, with associcated
keywords and description.  (The only drawbacks are scan time and disk
storage requirements).  Cost is high, but not too bad.

Also, to eliminate clutter and keep better organized, I throw away all
my culls.  If it is a goof, or just not good, or is one of the bad
bracketed exposures, it is destroyed because it would never be of any
use or value to me.

Hope this helps you.