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Re: [AT-L] RE: First Aid/CPR course

>I've seen a professional traction-splint (used for femur fracture) which is
>essentially a 3-section aluminum tent pole and a handful of nylon webbing,
>elastic and velcro.  It costs $80 but you could build your own with $5
>worth of materials.

As a ski a patroller, we were shown how to rig a traction splint using ski
poles, now that people use them for walking staffs it could be very apropos.
Just carry a six inch long piece of metal rod/tube/whatever, with two holes
drilled in it, wide enough for the pole tips to go through (the pole gaskets
will keep the rod from slipping up) about a half inch from each end. With a
little rope, a few bandanas, and duct tape (all items any well prepared
bakpacker should carry), you have a very functionable traction splint.

Also closed foam pads, cut to size, make very good splints for arms, legs, etc..

Lashed toether backpacks and a couple of long branches can be made into a
useful stretcher (padded with your sleeping pad).

The key to backcountry first aid is 1.) don't panic, 2.) use your
imagination, you have what you need, it's just not apparent.