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Re: [AT-L] [AT-L] Advice for newbie?

Kristin -
Welcome to the zoo.  I think you'll find that this is a hiker-friendly
list where the only stupid questions are those that aren't asked,
where all opinions are at least respected (although not necessarily
agreed with) and where the only rules are "hike your own hike"
and "respect others right to hike theirs."  Seems to work for us.

What part of the AT are you thinking of doing?

Walk softly,

>Hello, list!  This is my first time on this list, and I think that it's just
>too cool.  I'm a 17F, and have done portions of the trail around where I live
>(MD/VA) and also up in Maine.  A buddy of mine and I are looking to do a
>portion of the trail upon our graduation (in May), but we're starting
>planning now.  My friend is a novice in hiking, and I've done quite a bit,
>including parts of the AT.  Is there any advice that y'all can give us as we
>prepare?  Thanks so much!  Happy hiking.  ---Kristin