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Re: [AT-L] Hiking the Appalachian Trail-old Rodale Press Editions

Pete -
I bought a set of the books in May as a wedding present for Ginny.
I bought them from Charles Konopa - one of the thruhiker-authors
you're looking for. And they really are out of print.  For those who
might be interested, the best source if you just want to read them
is your local library system.  If they don't have the books they
might be able to borrow them from another system.  If you want
to buy a set you'll have to haunt the used book stores and keep a
close eye on the ATN (they do show up there occasionally).

Good reading - all 2000+ pages.

Walk softly,

>I still have my two volume editon of "Hiking the Appalachian Trail"
>published by Rodale Press in the 70's. From what I've heard, this is out of
>print. I was wondering if anyone on the AT-L list was one of the
>thru-hiker-authors included in these volumes? Of course famous hikers such
>as Earl Shaffer, Ed Garvey, Dorothy Laker, Grandma Gatewood and others are
>included in the books, but other less famous people are too. Are you out there?
>Peter H. Fornof