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RE: va shuttle/parking

Thanks Mike for reminding me of their names.  I've been trying to remember 
Levi's name so I could suggest their place as an option but just couldn't 
recall.  They are really nice people and their cafe is charming and rustic. 
 I found them to be very helpful folks.  Back when I met them, I sat outside 
with grandma and she wanted to hear all about why I was going to go hiking 
by myself, neat lady.   Let us know Felix what you find.
At 05:32 PM 9/26/96 -0500, Felix wrote:

>I'm looking for a place to leave a car for about ten days close to the
>AT/I-77 crossing near Bland VA. I hope to meet some late southbounders
>near Catawba and hike south to Bland. Also, does anyone know of a cheap
>shuttle in thsi area? (Low cost, not low character <G>)

you want character?  check out levi long's cafe in bastian (opposite
direction from bland from the trail, and a little closer, and A LOT
smaller).  if you hit it on a sunday afternoon, they'll be playin' that
mountain music, and you can join in if you want.  levi's wife runs the cafe,
cooks up good grub, and may be able to shuttle you back to catawba.  i'll
bet they'd be happy to let you park a car there too.

at the very least, have your ride meet you there.  they are very friendly to
hikers.  that was one of my most memorable layovers on my 92 hike.  levi's
son, dewey, could play just about anything including the double bass,
guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, jug...

i'm a little surprised noone else has mentioned this.  a lot can change in
four years.  does anyone know if the place is still operating (wingfoot,
frank&victoria, etc)?

hoping we haven't lost a trailside classic...

ke kaahawe


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