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va shuttle/parking

michael henderson wrote:

> you want character?  check out levi long's cafe in bastian (opposite
> direction from bland from the trail, and a little closer, and A LOT
> smaller).  if you hit it on a sunday afternoon, they'll be playin' that
> mountain music, and you can join in if you want.  levi's wife runs the cafe,
> cooks up good grub, and may be able to shuttle you back to catawba.  i'll
> bet they'd be happy to let you park a car there too.
> at the very least, have your ride meet you there.  they are very friendly to
> hikers.  that was one of my most memorable layovers on my 92 hike.  levi's
> son, dewey, could play just about anything including the double bass,
> guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, jug...
> i'm a little surprised noone else has mentioned this.  a lot can change in
> four years.  does anyone know if the place is still operating (wingfoot,
> frank&victoria, etc)?
> hoping we haven't lost a trailside classic...

They are still listed in the Handbook. I'm looking at calling a Dr. Frog 
(Ron Pauley) tomorrow to set something up. how far from the trail is 
Levi's Cafe?