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APS film format and cameras as relates to hiking

I could be way off base here, but how the heck is one going to bore more than
two or three friends at a time with images from an AT thruhike or other 
outing if one can't give a slide show?  To the best of my knowledge, the film
for APS (Advanced Photo System???) does not come in other than negative film.

I suppose there is a whole new opportunity for manufacturers to come up with a
projector to scan the APS negatives (still in the cartridge), interpret the
magnetically recorded information about the negative, invert it to a positive
image (either panoramic or standard) and show it on a screen or cathode ray 
device (TV) of some sort. 

Aaaaah, Progress!

Then again, maybe the demise of the traditional slide show could be a good

Two Lunches aka Oliver Twist