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techno-trails / lunar eclipse

heard a report on the radio last night about cell phones in the backcountry.
not much new that we hadn't already discussed here; how prescient we are.
one part of the story invloved a woman climber who fell 300' (obviously not
all through the air), and used another party's cell phone "because it was
there."  the helicopter rescue cost about $5000, and wasn't necessary after
all.  she said that the presence of the phone prevented her from assessing
the situation using her mountaineering skills, which would have told her she
was not critically injured (amazingly).  she could have walked out the next
day.  something to think about.

don't forget the last full lunar eclipse of the millenium tonight.  will
start about 5:45 pacific time, and will be full at 7:19.  eclipse will last
about an hour before dissipating.  saturn will also be visible below the
moon to the south.

happy cosmic adventuring...

ke kaahawe


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