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Re: [AT-L] Dehydrator on overnite?

B&KP writes:
> Hey all;
>         I was wondering if any of you who own dehydrators start drying your
> food at night right before you go to bed and let it run overnight?  Would
> there be some sort of considerable fire hazard risk even if it were left in
> the proper spot in the kitchen or wherever (away from anything flammable)?
> Just wondering, since 12 hours is an awkward amount of time to work with
> since I have to start first thing in the morning.....
> Thanks!
> Cindi

It is awkward, and we've always had to get up early to do it.  In
addition to the fire hazzard, you risk ruining the food as the times
all vary depending upon how much food, thickness, etc.  We don't watch
it like a hawk, but overnight does seem to be risky.


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