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Fwd: [AT-L] Sticks and ankles

Hiking sticks can help carry some of your weight. Reducing ware and tear on
ankles and knees.  They help going down hill to absorb the impact on knee
joints.  They help maintain balance, especially crossing streams and bogs.
 Plus many unexpected campsite uses.  Tent poles, retreaving counterweighted
food bags,  noise makers, etc.  
  While hiking I found if I use them going up hill my legs are less tired and
therefore stronger for going down hill.  My knees always gave me trouble
before poles.   Now I can hike down hill with a lot less pain.      

             Art Cloutman    Wannabee  AT Ga - Me 2002
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Gotta question from an old thread: Exactly how do walking sticks/ski 
poles help with ankles and knees? I don't put that much weight on my 
sticks...(But, I got bad knees and ankles)