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Off Tpoic - climbing slide show


I just found out that Ramsey Outdoor in Paramus, NJ (my gear alma matter) 
will be hosting 2 slide shows by world renowned climbers 

Todd Skinner is one of the most prolific climbers alive today and may be 
the single most important person in climbing over the last 20 years or so
He will be speaking On Oct. 8 at 7:30

Jeff Lowe is one of the world's premier alpinists (ever hear of Lowe 
packs - yup that's him).  He will be speaking and showing slides on Nov 
7th, also at 7:30

I mention these to the list because even though it is off the immediate 
topic for most people, these slide shows will probably be fantastic 
(these people have been to the highest parts of the planet).

Call 201-261-5000 for more info

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