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Hike in Central VA

  Hello all!  I just returned from a 2-week hike in central Virginia made 
all the more interesting thanks to Hurricane Fran.  What a GREAT hike!  
Met some great folks, experienced a lot of Trail Magic, and just had a 
wonderful time.  I covered the section from Catawba to the Tye River 
(the original plan had been to shoot for Rockfish Gap, but the storm 
caused me to hole up in a shelter on two different occasions and I lost 
another day when I got to Jellystone Campground and discovered that 
Fran had knocked out their water and electricity, so I lost another day 
heading into Buena Vista for the too-long delayed laundry and shower 
stop.  My feet didn't mind too much :-)  It was a 
'reintriduce-myself-to-the-Trail-after-too-many-years-standed-in-the-flat-Midwest' kinda trip
and it has convinced me to go ahead with my plans to do Maine-Georgia in 
   I just resubscribed to this list today, and was wondering if anyone 
had heard anything about a hiker that wnet missing during the storm in 
Shenandoah NP?  I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I 
don't have a clue as to how to access the archives for this list.  Thanks!

Roy "Jack-In-The-Green" McCullough