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fun "new" trail in NH

Hey all!  I had the BEST hike last Saturday.  My trail journal is too
integrated with "I hate my job" and other random personal observations to
share with the list, but I want to let you in on a trail I found in the

I don't believe it is part of the AT, as it was blue-blazed, but it's
close...and includes a 4,000 footer if you're a collector. :) I think the
reason I fell in love with this particular hike is because during my 5-hour
hike, I counted a total of 12 people. As you know, for this time of the year
in the whites, that is a great find!  

Anyway, start at Crawford Notch:  going up RT 302, the trailhead is on the
right about 150 yards before the AMC info center -- right before the water.
Take the Webster-Jackson Trail to Mt. Jackson.  (2.4 miles, steep in some
parts but a pretty steady incline...no scrambling until the very end)  The
views from Mt. jackson are great -- espeically on a clear day (I could count
the antennas on top of Mt. Washington!).  After reaching the top of Mt.
Jackson, follow the W-J trail over to the summit of Mt. Webster -- more
great views!  From Mt. Webster, take the Webster Cliff Trail back down to
where it connects with the W-J trail again (this is a big loop).  Be sure to
stop at the cascade, close your eyes, and enjoy the sound of falling water. :)

This is a great trail for kids or dogs, as there isn't a lot of exposed rock
on the climb.  It certainly was not the most challenging hike I have done in
the whites, but the pleasure I got from the solitude on the trail was
fantastic!  Hope ya'll get to enjoy it someday!


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