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re: Sticks and ankles

Hello Felix -

You asked:

>...Exactly how do walking sticks/ski poles help with ankles and knees?...

I like to use a walking stick when hiking on trails with steep ups/downs.
For me, the stick is mainly for balance and stability...my biggest chances
for knee or ankle injury seem to come when I get an unexpected twist or
turn.  If I am prepared for upcoming knee/ankle stress, it doesn't seem to
bother me all that much...it's those sneaky surprise stresses that zap me.

Every now and then my stick came in handy as an extension to my arm in a
"three points of contact" sort of situation.  Fording some of those rivers
in Maine and doing the Mahoosic (sp?) Notch come to mind.

I have also used my walking stick to help my back (was able to scratch that
itch right between my shoulder blades...) and did use it once in NC to
whack a dog that was trying to chew on one of my favorite ankles <g>.

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al