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Re: down & going tentless

> > Any thoughts out there for the best in light weight single tents that will
> > hold up in the rain? (...my light wt. Slumberjack "bivy tent" works great in
> > the West..but the rainstorms on the AT in Georgia were too much for the poor
> > thing last May... )  Has anyone carried a Bibler??  If so, does the single
> > wall work in heavy rain?

I've been using a Western Mountaineering bivy sack for alittle over 
ayear now and have not experienced the 'clammy' sensation that I've 
seen discussed here.  I've only been caught in 2 really severe 
thunderstorms, actually the first one was the very first night I took 
the thing out, talk about your trial by fire . . . I had a small 
amount of rain come in on the opening, but that was because I didn't 
know what I was doing.  By the next one, I had it figured out and 
stayed totally dry.

There is enough room in the head section of this sack to keep my pack 
and boots, which was a big selling point for me.  Also this sack is 
Goretex on three sides, only the bottom is nylon, which I think helps 
to reduce the amount of condensation build up that others experience. 
I'm sold on it . . .