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Red Cross First Aid Course

Hello everyone,

Well, I finished the first night of my First Aid course and boy, it was a 
lot tougher than I imagined. I originally decided to do this some time 
ago after reading an article about injuries during hiking. It's only $22 
and three nights.

Last night was adult CPR, you know - with the dummy. Unless you have done 
this, you have no idea how strenuous it is to perform CPR for even 5 
minutes on someone. Also covered were abdominal thrusts, the Heimlich 
(sp) routine etc.

It's was beautiful last Sunday, was up near Unicoi Gap (N. Ga.) and will 
be up at Standing Indian next weekend. Will post a report when I get back.

Got to go to work now,

			Milt Webb, IQ Software Corp.

		Some people drink from the fountain of life, 
			while others just rinse and spit.
			       -- anonymous