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new toy!

OK, I got a new piece of very important gear to help me with my
thru-hike next year, or at least thats what I am telling myself :)
Anyway, I got a new camera, a Canon "Elph".
It is one of the new APS cameras which means that it offers three
different photo formats, very simple, no, let me rephrase that, *VERY
SIMPLE* film loading, and the ability to encode the date and time the
photo was taken on the front or back of the print. As far as this
particular camera goes it is tiny, very tiny, almost identical in size
to a pack of regular cigaretts (not 100's), has a stainless steel body,
a 24mm- 48mm lens, built in flash, and all sorts of other features and
it weighs in at a grand total of 7.5ozs with film and battery. It even
has a battery meter so that you won't get caught face to face with a
bear on the trail with dead batteries in your camera ;)
Drawbacks? well it cost $300, but I did get a lot of overtime this week
so I can even rationalize that. The only real problem I can see is that
it is so small I might loose it.
E. George Oeser (aka Needles)