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Re: [AT-L] Bear bagging

MManzano@aol.com wrote:
> I read a trip report today from someone who hiked the John Muir Trail in CA.
>  He made numerous references to counter balancing the food bags; the bears
> out west evidently have the cub chew through the rope holding the food bags.
>  It sounds like they have some mighty persistent bears out there.  My
> question is:  has anyone had problems this year in the East, and specifically
> on the AT?   I'm planning a trip to the Smokies in Oct, and one campsite I
> selected is closed due to heavy bear activity.  Should I plan to counter
> balance rather than tie the rope off to the tree?  Exactly how does one
> counter balance two bags?  I seem to remember reading about it somewhere but
> can't remember exactly how it's done.
> Marty Manzano

(1)Find a rock that equals the weight of your stash and put it in your
extra stuff sack.  (2)Toss your line over an appropriate limb.(3) Tie 
the line to one of the bags and pull it up.  (4)  Tie the other sack as 
high as you can reach. (5) With a stick or hiking pole push the lower 
sack up until the sacks are even.  I've tried this.  The problem for me
was in judging how high to pull the back as per step three.  Also be
sure you have a stick long enough to snag a bag in the morning. Kahley
to judge how high to to pull the bag as per step