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LT trip and injuries...

  I just returned from an 8 day trip along the Long Trail from
Lincoln Gap to Johnson.  What a trip....  Walter Pomroy informed
me that that particular section was affectionately referred to as
the "Long Hard Trail".  The name is well deserved.  A whole lot
of elevation change in that area.  Although it is not the AT, I
can post a trip report if there is interest.  (I also have an 
unfinished report from a 4 day trip last July to Mt. Rogers which
I could post as well.)

  Made it through the trip relatively unscathed - but I had two
physical complaints that concerned me. 

  1. I have noticed a numbness in the big toes of either feet.  It
     seems to be going away slowly so I'm not too concerned about it.
     Any ideas of what the problem is?  Perhaps less than optimally
     fitted boots combined with the rugged terrain?

  2. My ankles started giving me trouble in various parts of the hike
     especailly on the last day.  My right ankle became very sore while
     descending - it was not really a problem going uphill.  I originally
     thought that it was an old injury flaring up, but I started having
     a similar problem with my left ankle which had not been injured.
     Additionally, I didn't notice any pain when I got the boots off and
     walked around in tevas at camp.  The ankle itself seemed to be
     tender and bruised.  I didn't twist either ankle badly.  I suspect
     that it may be a conditioning problem - at least I hope so.  I've
     never had it happen before.  But I don't think I've hiked a section
     of trail that rough before either.
  Any thoughts or comments would be appreciciated.  (And yes - I know 
I should ask a physician - but I'm worried that the HMO doctor will
tell me to stay off of my feet and nothing else.  I don't know if my
plan has any sports phsycians.  I guess I should check.)


  John Foley