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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] RE: campstoves vs. campfires

<much good stuff snipped>

>And I hope the trees will forgive my thievery of a half peck of wood
>and accept in return the ready-to-use-almost-vegan-manure present that
>I leave properly cat-holed near the spot where I swiped the wood.

>And what about the extra food we hikers consume to fuel our recreation?
>If we all stayed out of the woods and spent our leisure time 
>motionlessly contemplating our navels, how many acres of rain forest 
>could we save? ;-)


Point!  You guys are right - just don't go getting any mental images of me
being one of "them long haired hippies"  eating only tofu and chaining
myself to trees, machinery, etc....  ;-)  I didn't mean to come off that way
- I guess it's okay, but only if you leave the manure there - kidding! :)