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re: weight training

hi pete!  you wrote:

>>I was wondering if any of the thru-hikers on the list did any of this type 
of training prior to their thru-hikes? Do you recommend it?<<

prior to my thru hike, i was dating a competitive body builder.  we averaged
5-6 days a week in the gym, for maybe an hour or hour'n'half.  before all
the weight training, i was 135.  right before leaving i was 149, with little
body fat.  i lost it all during the hike, ending up about 128.

the main reason for training, besides trying not to develop an inferiority
complex around my girlfriend, was to strengthen my knees.  i have small
medial-lateral cartiledge (?) tears in both my knees.  the weight training
was great for that.  my legs held up terrific.  all the extra muscle in the
upper body may have helped, but i didn't feel any different from other
backpacking trips (it still hurts when you put on your pack after that food
drop!).  it may have been that i didn't drop too far below my "standard"
weight of 135 because it took time to burn up the extra muscle weight.  i
don't know.  i haven't been in a gym much since 92, but i will probably do
some specific leg exercises for my next thru hike.

best thing to do is hike alot with a heavy pack, i think.

ke kaahawe

>>Two thru hikers I know, (Sarah & Dennis Dooley) currently on the PCT, did 
extensive training prior to their hike. I haven't had a chance to question 
them on it, but I would think all it could do is help.<<


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