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Re: [AT-L] A hike in Maine

Very beautiful.  Your post reminds me of so much.  Thank you, Jim.

> Remembering a hike in Maine......Stratton to Monson 9/96
> Rocks and roots,
> rocks and roots.
> step up,
> step down.
> keep your eyes on the ground
> roots and rocks,
> roots and rocks.
> Bogs and bog bridges
> the sounds of bogs, squish, squish, squish, squish, SPLASH
> the sounds of bog bridges, clunk , clunk, clunk, SPLASH 
> Mushrooms of all colors, frogs of all sizes
> Hikers we met:
> -weightless
> -toulouse (sp?)
> -sprout and twisted sister (aka 2 bumps on a log)
> -six pack
> -scruffy (sp?)
> -sky and sun dog
> -the 2 southbounders with the dog who were "going till the weather catches us."
> -grizz
> -nicole and thomas, section hiking (had met thomas in the smokies in May)
> -platypus
> -lobo solo
> -EZ1
> -kiwi
> -the newlyweds and the very cold soda they provided
> The silent Gray Jay that joined us for lunch on Avery Peak, pereching on my
> fingers as he ate from my palm.
> A snack of fresh-picked blueberries from Moxie Bald
> The Tubs at Bigelow Lean-to and cold swims at West Carry Pond and Pierce Pond.
> Heather demonstrating the "environmental swish" at Horns Pond.
> Having made the climb to Moxie Bald,  knowing it was the last big one for
> this hike and seeing the entire trip in panoramic view.
> The earlier skirmish between the noseeums, the mosquitoes and the hikers has
> been declared a draw with casualties on both sides. It is now quiet in the
> shelter. Under a dark sky a lone Loon glides effortlessly across the pond.
> Feeling utterly alone the Loon let forth with that awesome cry that is as
> much felt by the soul as it is heard by the ears. There is no reply.
> Another cry. No answer.
> The hikers are now mostly awake, (the loon is quite close to the shore),
> smiling in the dark. Quiet whispers are heard.
> Another cry from the Loon and from far down the lake, a reply.
> The Loon calls again, this time almost frantic. Another reply, closer this
> time. 
> The Loons come together,  the joy of companionship overcomes them and they
> burst forth with  a series of sounds that must be heard to be believed  and
> can be best described as "looney tunes".
> This goes on for several minutes. The hikers, fully wake giggle in the dark
> at the absurdity of the sounds. And then suddenly it ceases. Quiet returns
> to Pierce Pond. The hikers drift back to sleep, having been touched by
> nature. All except one tired soul who mutters to no one in particular, "Damn
> ducks!."