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Re: [AT-L] down & going tentless

Hello All,

	I've learned a few of things this year that apply to this tread. 
One is that I use fleece rather than down now.  Though bulky it seems to
work better.  Early in the season with the rain, snow and wind it proved
its worth.  Secondly I have never used a tent until this year.  Reading
this list and some med problems convinced me to use one.  My tent has
given me some new freedom in backpacking.  I now stop where I need and
want to stop.  The bugs at night are now no longer an issue.  I use a
lighter weight sleeping bag.  The mental game of do I go or not go on to
the next shelter is over.  I still use shelter areas because I like the
social aspects.  The only problem I've had with a tent is buying one.  I
plan to start a thread on true tent weights in a while.  What I want is
for everyone to take their complete tent, ready to use with stakes poles
stuff bag etc, to the post office and weight it.  Reporting the actual
weight to the list.  With all the sales on tents coming soon it will be
good info. 

See you at the Gathering.

Beau Bushor N1MJD
"the bleeder guy"
Burlington, Vermont