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Re: [AT-L] Gear Weenie Paramus updates


I've been super busy....that's why I haven't gotten you answered.  Glad to
hear you made it okay.  Your first message after you got her was a little
jumbled with missing lines, but I gathered that there must have been some
kind of a bad accident that you witnessed on the way here.  

I would complain about the construction, but that's what my husband does for
a living.....messes up streets, etc.  I *do* still complain though I just
mellow it around Marty.

Have you found a gear store yet?  Eventually you may have to board a train
and go scouting.  I guess a person could check the yellow pages on-line for a
store if you don't have a phone book for Chgo.  At least I can bring up the
yellow pages with the key words "yellow pages"  Smart, huh?

gotta get to work or I'll be late. When do classes start??