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RE: [AT-L] Flames

I have to agree with AT & Spoke. I have found this group representing a wide
variety of people/hikers/trekkers(like myself). A point of view is still
personal; sometimes serious, sometimes satirical, sometimes profound.
Expression, whether literary or vocal, is shared to allow others to
understand, or try to understand, what is felt or thought by the one
expressing that point. What it comes down to is that we all trek around on
this earth, whether together or separately, sooner-or-later, we're going to
bump into each other. Make a good first impression, or in more youthful
term....be excellent to each other, and party on.

Trekker Ed (trekkered@aol.com or elavine@gridnet.com)

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>From: 	athiker@www.plantnet.com[SMTP:athiker@www.plantnet.com]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, September 24, 1996 2:33 AM
>To: 	Ed LaVine
>Subject: 	[AT-L] Flames
>Wow,count 'em, 3 flames in one day! Gee, and I though this was the genteel 
>A-L list and not Rec.Backountry. Nothing wrong with disagreement; that's
>of the spices that make this forum so tasty. But, along with Jim Owen, I 
>detected a little irritability that frankly, I haven't come to expect in 
>this list. This list is one of the best discussion groups on the net with 
>very few flames, viciousness, or swearing. That is sort of refreshing. 
>Peter H. Fornof