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Re: [AT-L] Scouting & LNT

If anything else.  Kids love to here stories.  Start out with trek talk
and they are all ears.  You make a good point.  I got my first love for packing
while I was in scouts.  I have tried to get involved, but I have found that
most adult leaders have their own children in the troop.  The role of a AT
packer would be as you said just a few weekends and weeknights.  Some packers
like to solo experience and spending a weekend with a bunch of kids may not be 
fun to them.  It depends on if you have a heart for teenagers.  It also 
depends on the attitudes of the scout leaders.  You would welcome packers,
other troops might not.  If your gift is with kids and you are a packer go
for it and eat it up.  In my packing experiences I have not encountered 
negative situations while camping with scouts.  I think some folks would
be surprised, and find that the adventursome spirit in adults is the same as
the little troopers.  We just be adult treking troopers.

One Step