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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] knees and other stuff

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, bob wrote:

> Sharon Sharpe wrote: I just have to say
> > to everyone that there is no substitute for a good medical evaluation
> > by someone who is proficient in SPORTS medicine. 
> > 
> >    I promise I won't do this again for a while.  Feel free to email
> > me personally with any "flames" or questions.
> >
> OK.
> Sharon, 
> How about a tip on how to find someone who is PROFICIENT in sports
> medicine. 

> Remember, 50% of the people out there practicing medicine
> graduated in the bottom half of their class.

This isnt necessairly true.  It might be true if ALL who graduate 
actually practice medicine.  Even if so, some may low achievers 
may practice in geographic areas outside your search zone.

> This is really not a flame. How do you find a decent health care pro?
> bob