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Re:pinched nerves

At 11:08 PM 9/21/96 -0500, you wrote:
> I carried my pack with no
>back problems for 500 miles, but then it suddenly began to put pressure on
>a nerve in my lower back. Now the pack constantly irritates that area, even
>after much time off, and a new pack. Any suggestions? I'm hoping to get out
>of here and back where I belong. Thanks,
>Sarah (Hamburglar)
> In 1990 on thru hike I and another guy both  experienced paresthesia and
pain envolving nerves running down the front of the right upper leg. Both of
us were using older  internal frame packs that did not have padding on the
waist band in the front.It also did not fit well and kept sliding down my
flat working man's ass so I had to really reef it in tight.  I finally
related it directly to this cause ( I don't exactly remember what sort of
inductive process convinced me). Any way when the painfullness started
expanding in the direction of the jewels, I decided enuf already and had REI
send me a LOWE CONTOUR IV in middle VA which completely resolved the
problem. The other guy stuck with his pack longer and reportedly in Md was
continuing to experience the symptoms even well into the night after taking
off the pack. All of which leads me to the suggestion that you look at the
Pack band carefully. Is there enough padding in that general area. Or does
it appear to fit the curve of the top of yer hips?  Your pack band could be
concentrating weight there where it hurts because you are really reefing in
on the waist band and the band may think yer hips are more or less flaired
than they are so the band is coming to rest there instead of evenly
distruibuting the weight all the way around yer waist.If this is the case
and a new pack is in order Lowe makes a Contour for Women called the
SCirocco or something like that. 
I. Dr Dolittle