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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] patches

At 02:16 PM 9/21/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>What a crock of shit!  No person needs ribbons or patches to tell where they
>>have been, where they are going, etc. etc.  
>>Who do you need them for?  You do know who you are, don't you? 
>>Sometimes at places that I would as soon forget, I see people with patches,
>>people with signs, people with letters.  What their insignia signifies, what
>>their signs conotate, how their letters speak to a problem, I don't care.
>Ummm, sounds like a personal problem to me.  If you don't want one, you
>don't have to buy one!!  BTW - the point was so that people who *want* to
>meet some of the other *nice* people on the list would have a way to find
>each other.  Myself, I think it was nice of Needles to take this upon
>himself and spend his own personal time on it, so in other words, he didn't
>need that particular "crock of shit" from you.
>Have a nice day :)
  I agree with Cindi. How this thread could invoke this flame, I'll never
know. I have not responded to the thread because I don't have strong
feelings either way. I can't make it to the ALDHA meeting and I am on the
Trail about 3 weeks per year. I'd get AT-L patch if there were one though -
why not.
I plan to attend the 97 ATC meeting in Maine. It could be useful.