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9/21 ODATC work trip report

The Old Dominion A.T. Club was back at work last Saturday (9/21) clearing the
tail of trees blown down by Hurricane Fran. We had cleared about 3 miles the
previous weekend and had about ten miles remaining to be checked and cleared. 

The crew of 17, led by our fearless leader, Fran Leckie, divided into two
groups with the majority heading north from the Humpback Rocks parking area
off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The other group started at the road crossing
about 5 miles south of the parking area and came north.  Even with three saws
running, it was well after 5 pm when we finally came out at Rockfish Gap
having cleared at least 50 trees. 

Since I'm not terribly fond of chainsaws, I spent the day working on the four
sections of trail that had been blown-out by uprooted trees. Once the
chainsaw crew cleared the debris off the Trail, my digging crew went to work
filling in the deep holes left behind by the roots.  At times we felt like
tree dentists, giving the roots masses a good cleaning to retrieve enough
dirt to put back in the hole.  It was a great feeling to transform what had
been a tough obstacle back into a nice section of Trail. 

The 17 mile section from Reeds Gap to Rockfish Gap (just south of SNP) is now
pretty clear.  There are still a couple trees down and in some spots the
footpath needs some more work, but you should be able go through pretty
                           - Dave

David J. Wilcox (dwilcox@vims.edu)      (804) 642-7088
GIS Programmer/Analyst                  Virginia Institute of Marine Science
SAV Mapping Project                     Gloucester Point, Virginia  USA